YSI EcoSense pH100A pH Meter

The YSI EcoSense pH100A meter can be used with a wide variety of cable assemblies, providing cost-effective field or lab pH measurements.


  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 50 data set reviewable memory
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
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YSI EcoSense pH100A pH Meter

The YSI EcoSense pH100A meter can be used with a wide variety of cable assemblies, providing cost-effective field or lab pH measurements. The EcoSense line of compact, handheld instruments provides the most accurate data in the most affordable format. The instruments feature an easy-to-use interface, one-hand operation, IP67 waterproof case, and low cost of ownership over the life of the product. The pH100A measures pH, mV/ORP and temperature.


  • 1-year instrument warranty
  • 6-month electrode warranty
  • Internal buffer recognition (US or NIST buffer sets)
  • Auto/Manual temperature compensation
  • Electrode offset recognition
  • Low battery indicator with 1000 hour battery life
  • Displays electrode efficiency
  • Autolock mode holds stable readings on display
  • Auto shutoff function after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • 50 data set memory
  • Variety of cable/sensor options (glass bulb, flat tipped, and piercing tipped)
  • Calibration Backup"
  • (1) YSI EcoSense pH100A meter
  • (1) 9V alkaline battery
  • (1) Operations manual
Questions & Answers
Is this meter compatible with my Pro10 ISE cable assembly?
No. The Ecosense pH100A is only compatible with the YSI 100 pH/temperature, 110 pH, 111 pH, 112 pH, 115 ORP, and 130 temperature cable assemblies.
Will the Electrode Simulator calibrate any pH probe with my meter?
No. The electrode simulator is only used with the pH100A meter to confirm instrument calibration after calibrating the probe with the buffer solutions.
What does the AUTOLOCK feature do?
AUTOLOCK assists the user in determining precise and accurate pH and mV values by sensing the end point of a measurement, eliminating most errors.
Can I change the temperature reading to Fahrenheit?
No, the pH100A meter will only output temperature measurements in Celsius.
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YSI EcoSense pH100A pH Meter
EcoSense pH100A pH meter (cable/sensor sold separately)
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YSI EcoSense pH100A pH Meter
EcoSense pH100A pH meter kit: includes display, probe with 1m cable, & carrying case
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YSI EcoSense pH100A pH Meter
EcoSense pH100A pH meter kit: includes display, probe with 4m cable, & carrying case
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