YSI ProODO Optical Probe & Cable Assemblies

The YSI ODO optical probe & cable assemblies simultaneously measures temperature and optical dissolved oxygen when connected to the ProODO water quality meter.


  • Includes digital optical dissolved oxygen sensor with built-in temperature
  • Rugged Military-Style (MS) connector for field use
  • 2-year cable & probe warranty
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  • 2-year warranty on cable assembly
  • 2-year warranty on probe module
  • 1-year warranty on sensor cap
  • (1) Cable and probe
  • (1) Calibration sleeve
  • (1) Probe guard with weight
Questions & Answers
Are the ProODO cable assemblies compatible with the ProSolo?
Yes, the ProODO cable assemblies are fully compatible with the ProSolo water quality meters; however the ODO/T and ODO/CT cable assemblies designed for the ProDIGITAL meters (ProSolo, ProSwap & ProDSS) are not compatible with the ProODO meters.
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YSI ProODO Optical Probe & Cable Assemblies
ProODO cable assembly with optical DO & temperature sensors, 1m
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YSI ODO-4 Cable & Probe Assembly
ProODO cable assembly with optical DO & temperature sensors, 4m
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YSI ODO-10 Cable Probe Assembly
ProODO cable assembly with optical DO & temperature sensors, 10m
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YSI ODO-20 Cable Probe Assembly
ProODO cable assembly with optical DO & temperature sensors, 20m
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YSI ODO-30 Cable Probe Assembly
ProODO cable assembly with optical DO & temperature sensors, 30m
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YSI ODO-50 Cable Probe Assembly
ProODO cable assembly with optical DO & temperature sensors, 50m
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YSI ODO-100 Cable  Probe Assembly
ProODO cable assembly with optical DO & temperature sensors, 100m
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Dissolved oxygen meters have been serving limnologists and water managers for years with electrochemical probes that take time and skill to collect representative data. YSI’s latest handheld dissolved oxygen meter, the ProODO, takes all the guesswork out of dissolved oxygen readings by using an optical dissolved oxygen sensor to obtain consistent results, regardless of user expertise. The YSI ProODO was designed to improve on the faults of electrochemical probes. “The advantage is that the meter requires little expertise to get a good reading,” said Laura St. Pierre, YSI product manager. The probe uses light instead of a chemical reaction to measure dissolved oxygen concentrations. The optical dissolved oxygen probe never needs a warm-up time and doesn’t consume oxygen.

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