About Samantha Baxter

Samantha M. Baxter is a Writer and the Managing Editor for Fondriest Environmental. She is in the process of obtaining B.A. degrees in Integrated Language Arts Education and Political Science at Wright State University. She was hired as an intern in the spring of 2022 and has continued to work as a writer and editor for the Environmental Monitor, FishSens Magazine and other Fondriest Environmental pages. As a writer, Samantha works with researchers from across the country to craft stories that highlight their work and its impacts. As an editor, Samantha works with graphic designers, fellow writers, and various environmental professionals to create unique content for Fondriest Environmental. Samantha enjoys swimming, running, reading and playing video games in her free time.

Articles By Samantha Baxter

A blue Sevenson dredger on the water
Sericomyrmex amabilis farmer ant worker atop her fungus garden. This species is host to guest ant social parasite
Researchers installing a Surface elevation table (SET) at Piermont Marsh, Rockland County. HRNERR uses this to measure sediment accrual in the Marsh
reef balls, which help with coastal restoration, being installed in upper Narragansett Bay
Environmental Monitor Spring 2022 page spread
Water Pollution
Diver holding a bag of mussels during an endangered mussel survey dive
Assorted Freshwater Mussels
water quality monitoring