Florida Panhandle county debates recycling glass into beach sand

By on August 21, 2013
waferboard, via Flickr

A county on the Florida Panhandle is examining the financial viability of recycling glass into sand to restore eroded beaches, according to a Dredging Today article.

Broward County is facing problems with beach erosion, which has the potential to negatively affect the area’s most lucrative tourist attraction.

Local officials are debating the conversion of waste glass into silica sand. The rationale behind the idea is that glass starts as sand in the first place, so returning it to the original form should be a viable method for recycling the material.

Critics of the plan doubt the cost effectiveness of converting glass into sand. The county would also need to build a facility to convert the glass, which is a significant investment.

The next step in the process is a detailed evaluation of feasibility and cost, before officials make a decision.

Image credit: waferboard, via Flickr

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