NexSens WQ-PH Smart USB Sensor: A plug-and-play solution for lab pH measurements

By on May 24, 2013
NexSens WQ-pH Smart USB sensor

The NexSens WQ-PH Smart USB Sensor offers simplified calibration, a reliable software suite and a simple plug-and-play solution for in-laboratory measurements.

“Calibration is quite easy. It’s a simple 3-point process,” said Ryan Grilliot, product manager. “Place it in the solution, wait for the millivolt readings to stabilize, then press calibrate.”

The sensor is calibrated at 7 pH, 4 pH and 10 pH. After telling the sensor to associate a specific millivolt reading with the target pH level, users go on to the next calibration point. All calibration can be completed using the WQSensors software that comes free with the sensor.

The software contains a substantial collection of informational libraries – including useful references like the periodic table of the elements, water’s properties at various temperatures and a guide on fish. It also has mechanical and electrical unit converters.

“The software is free, so you can use it for information referencing,” said Grilliot, noting it is fully compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit.

The sensor sets itself apart from other NexSens WQSensors with a deep blue housing. It’s filled with a gel to ward off crystal formation and maintain proper sensor performance. The housing, while colorful, is made of a resilient hardened plastic that helps protect the sensor in case of an accidental drop.

The USB cable included with the device is about six feet long and makes it possible to obtain readings without meters, batteries or other power supplies.

“It’s a good low-cost solution,” said Grilliot. “The sensors are plug-and-play. Open up WQSensors, plug in your sensor and begin taking readings.”


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