University of Maryland to study stormwater filtration

By on March 23, 2013

The University of Maryland plans to lead a yearlong study of a farm stormwater filtration system known as the High Impact Environmental system, according to MyEasternShore.

The system, originated in 2011, consists of four shallow ponds that collect and filter stormwater from one pond to the next. The system has the potential to purify runoff, while at the same time depositing topsoil as a byproduct.

The pond water will be monitored by university researchers by the implementation of several instruments in the system that will assess rainwater and runoff flows in and out of the system. The instruments will gauge flow depth and take water quality samples.

If successful, the system could be adopted by farmers as a cost-effective runoff filtration system.

Image: Sam Ownings, founder of the High Impact Environmental system (Credit: High Impact Environmental)

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