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Adam Redling is a contributing writer for the Environmental Monitor. He covers the latest news, studies and products in the field of environmental research.

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Researchers aboard the EPA's R/V Lake Guardian sample plankton as part of the Great Lakes Fish Monitoring and Surveillance Program (Credit: Michael Milligan)
Emissions from coal-burning power plant (Credit: U.S. Department of Energy)
Burn severity map of Arizona fire (Credit: USGS, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Mont Blanc, the highest point in the Alps (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Antarctic krill (Credit: British Antarctic Survey)
Workers clean a beach after the Deepwater Horizon spill (Credit: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)
Arctic ice (Credit: Pink floyd88 a, via Wikimedia Commons)
West Virginia’s Mud River (Credit: Tim Kiser, via Wikimedia Commons)
A University of Nevada, Reno researcher, center, scoops invasive fish from the Lake Tahoe (Credit: Mike Wolterbeek)
Plastic pollution collected from a trawl on Lake Ontario (Credit: Asta Mail/Pangaea Explorations)
Coral reef (Credit: Terry Hughes, Wikimedia Commons)
A crew works on the ocen mooring where the temperature sensors were deployed (Credit: Oregon State University)
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Polar bear in Canada’s Wapusk National Park (Credit: Ansgar Walk, Wikimedia Commons)
Coast of Lake Superior (Credit: Richie Diesterheft, Wikimedia Commons)
Diagram of conversion of mercury into methylmercury (Credit: ORNL)
Dust storm in South Australia (Credit: J Kemp, CSIRO)
Image: Green and yellow sea sponges in Antarctic waters (Steve Rupp, National Science Foundation)
The giant rock barnacle is one species that is migrating in response to elevated ocean temperatures
Greenland Ice Sheet (Credit: Christine Zenino, Wikimedia Commons)