Zebra mussels spread through central Minnesota lakes

By on October 27, 2012
Zebra mussels

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources detected new invasive zebra mussel populations spreading into several lakes in central Minnesota, according to a Minnesota DNR press release.

Otter Tail County, Minn. has a high concentration of lakes, and the DNR found many with new populations of zebra mussels.

New populations of zebra mussels were discovered in Rose Lake and Lake Irene. Boat lifts transferred from zebra mussel-infested waters are suspected to be the cause. Attempts to eradicate the mussels by adding copper sulfate to the lakes failed. It is still unknown whether the new populations are reproducing.

Zebra mussels were also detected in Lake Miltona in central Minnesota. Lake Miltona and the Lower Otter Tail River are now considered infested waterways.

The department confirmed the presence of zebra mussel larvae in Kerbs Lake, Paul Lake and Rusch Lake. The news is a hitch in a plan to connect a series of lakes to lessen flooding. The lakes are now designated as infested, though the DNR was unable to find an adult population of zebra mussels at any of the three lakes.

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