Solinst Levelogger 2" Well Cap Assembly

The Solinst Levelogger Well Cap Assembly is designed to fit 2" wells, and provides options for installing Leveloggers with wireline, Kevlar rope, or using a Direct Read Cable.


  • Simultaneously supports both Levelogger and Barologger
  • Cap is secured with twist lock and accommodates 3/8" (9.5mm) shackle diameter lock
  • Well cap is vented to allow for the equalization of barometric pressure in the well
The Solinst Model 3001 Well Cap Assembly for Leveloggers is designed to fit 2" wells (or 4" wells with Reducer), and provides options for installing Leveloggers with wireline, Kevlar rope, or using a Direct Read Cable. The well cap base provides a tight friction fit onto the well casing and is secured to the base with a twist lock. For further security, a 3/8 (9.5mm) shackle diameter lock can be used. The Well Cap is also vented to allow for the equalization of barometric pressure in the well.

When installing Leveloggers using a Stainless Steel wireline or Kevlar rope suspension, the water level dataloggers are securely supported when tied off to the eyebolt included on the underside of the well cap insert. When installing Leveloggers using a Direct Read Cable, the cable simply fits inside the convenient well cap insert hole, when the red dust cap is removed. For Levelogger installations where a Barologger is to be installed in the same well, the well cap supports up to two Direct Read Cables. Even with the two Direct Read Cables installed, there is still an access hole available for manual water level measurements or groundwater sampling, without disturbing the down-hole Leveloggers.
Questions & Answers
Will the Solinst 2” vented well cap allow for a deployed Levelogger to obtain accurate water level readings without the need for separate barometric compensation data?
The vented cap assembly will allow for atmospheric pressure stabilization within the well, however, the deployed Leveloggers will also need barometric pressure data to correct the readings for barometrically-compensated, water level data. More information can be found on page 16 of the manual:
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