Solinst Model 407 Stainless Steel Bladder Pumps

The Solinst Model 407 Stainless Steel Bladder Pump allows consistent, high quality samples in all types of applications.


  • Consistently accurate samples with excellent VOC sample integrity
  • Pneumatic drive pumps are well suited for pumping contaminant liquids
  • Bladders are not damaged by operation in sediment laden water, or in dry pumping conditions
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The Solinst Model 407 Stainless Steel Bladder Pump allows consistent, high quality samples in all types of applications. It offers excellent performance and reliability. With Bladder Pumps there is the assurance that there is no air/water contact during sampling. It meets the most rigorous US EPA standards for VOC groundwater monitoring.

The bladder ensures that drive air or gas does not contact the sample, thus avoiding degassing or contamination of the sample. Pumps are rugged and long lasting. Teflon bladders are ideal for dedication, while less expensive polyethylene bladders are available for those that prefer to change bladders after each use. Bladders and intake filters are easily replaced in the field in just a few minutes. No special tools required.

Excellent for either regular flow or low flow sampling, the stainless steel pumps can lift from depths up to 500 ft (150 m) below grade.

The Solinst Model 407 Stainless Steel Bladder Pumps are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and have Teflon check balls. The bladder most frequently used is Teflon, however polyethylene bladders are also available. This is the ideal sampling pump for most types of municipal, industrial and general environmental applications, especially where VOC analysis of the sample is important.

For metals analysis and situations with highly corrosive liquids, the PVC bladder pumps are more suitable. It has Teflon check balls, a porous polyethylene screen and may have either a Teflon or a polyethylene bladder. The low cost of the PVC pump also makes this a perfect choice for situations where there is a limited budget, but dedicated bladder pumps would be preferred.

The pump body of the standard Integra is a convenient 1.66" dia. (42 mm) and comes in lengths of 2 ft and 4 ft (0.6 m and 1.2 m). 1" dia. (25 mm) bladder pumps are also available for narrower applications.

  • High Quality Samples: Consistently accurate samples with
  • excellent VOC sample integrity.
  • Simplicity: The controller, air compressor and flow-through cell can be easily transported by one person to any site. Hookup to the pump is by compression fittings. Low purge volumes ensure rapid sampling.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced need for repeat sampling and shorter time required for each sampling round.
  • Bladders: Durable Teflon bladders are ideal for dedication. Inexpensive polyethylene is also available.
Questions & Answers
What parts are needed, at minimum, to operate the Solinst Model 407 Bladder Pumps?
For a portable setup, the items needed in addition to the bladder pump are: Bonded FEP lined tubing (part# 109430) Tubing Reel (part# 103888) Electronic Pump Controller (part# 112506) 12V Oil-less Air Compressor (part# 106009) For a dedicated pump setup: Bonded FEP lined tubing (part# 109430) Dedicated Well Cap Assembly (part# 110227)
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Solinst Model 407 Stainless Steel Bladder Pumps
Model 407 stainless steel bladder pump, 1.00" x 2 ft.
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Solinst Model 407 Stainless Steel Bladder Pumps
Model 407 stainless steel bladder pump, 1.66" x 2 ft.
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