EPA releases cleanup plan for N.J. Superfund site

By on September 5, 2013

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is calling for demolishing contaminated buildings on a 26-acre Superfund site in New Jersey, according to New Jersey Today. The land once housed industrial plants that produced chlorine and left high levels of contaminants in nearby soils.

Mercury was found in groundwater and in a stream near the site, but that contamination is believed to have come from previous industrial activities. The waterways were important to the land, which was once a coastal marshland. It was filled in and developed for industrial use.

Because of the elevated contaminant levels, the site was added to the Superfund site list in 1998. In the proposed treatment plan, which some New Jersey residents say falls short of meeting goals, the EPA looks to cap contaminated soil to prevent direct human contact and to reduce the possibility of mercury vapor that could affect those passing by the site.

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