Spring 2017 Environmental Monitor Out Now

By on March 7, 2017
spring 2017 environmental monitor

Spring 2017 Environmental Monitor

The Spring 2017 Environmental Monitor is on the way to subscribers this month. Our quarterly print editions feature the best of the Monitor’s coverage from the past few months with added photos, graphics, updates and the latest monitoring gear.

If you don’t have a print subscription, you can sign up for free. If you’d like to peruse some of our past editions, check out our print archive.

In this edition, we showcase a number of projects that are truly advancing the way data are gathered in the environmental monitoring field.

This includes a look at the first-ever deployment of the ESPniagara in Lake Erie, a device for real-time microcystin measurements that is so advanced its makers say it is essentially a robot.

We also go for a ride with researchers using regular bicycles as mobile data-collection platforms. Scientists from three universities are using these bikes to study urban heat, air pollution and the effectiveness of green infrastructure.

From there we float down several rivers with the HydroSphere, a new kind of autonomous drifter built for freshwater. While in Boise, citizen scientists in the Watershed Watch program learn about river health and water quality.

spring 2017 environmental monitor

Some of our favorite spreads form the Spring 2017 Environmental Monitor. (Credit: Fondriest Environmental)

You’ll also read about limnologists at the University of Montana leading the charge to learn how freshwater food webs form by surveying pristine lakes in Glacier National Park.

In our Product Innovation section, we give a first look at the new all-in-one weather station which streams real-time weather data directly to a cloud-based datacenter.

And don’t miss our coverage of a Lake Erie data buoy advancing Stone Lab’s education and research into the toxicity of algal blooms.

You can also check out our new comic and crossword made for this edition. You’ll also want to pay attention to a discount code printed below our staff list to save on your next order from fondriest.com.

As always, it’s our pleasure to bring you the latest on advancements, trends and ongoing projects in the environmental monitoring field. Thanks for reading and make sure to stay tuned for more exciting stories in the future.

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