Winter 2023 Environmental Monitor Available Now

By on March 2, 2023
Environmental Monitor Winter 2023: Protecting Biodiversity through Monitoring

In this issue, we showcase researchers from across the globe and the importance of monitoring and protecting biodiversity in a variety of ecosystems. From endangered freshwater mussels across the U.S. to vegetation in the Amazon Rainforest, this latest edition highlights the importance of species of all sizes. Through monitoring various parameters, researchers spent the year gathering data and constructing management plans to protect these valuable species.

Our writers also sought out science professionals that are dedicated to protecting nature’s most vulnerable through traditional and more contemporary methods. Featuring stories from a project manager of an environmental dredging company, a coastal restoration scientist in Rhode Island, and researchers from across the world, this edition showcases multiple approaches to understanding and protecting biodiversity.

If you don’t have a subscription, you can sign up for free. If you’d like to check past editions of the Environmental Monitor, visit the print archive.

This edition is digital only, and can be found here: 


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