YSI EXO Field Cables

EXO field cables feature rugged wet-mate connectors and are designed to connect the EXO Handheld Display to the EXO sondes.


  • Comes in a variety of lengths to support specific application needs
  • 6-pin female connector on one end, 6-pin male connector on other end
  • Includes cable grip kit to reduce stress on connectors
Starting At $600.00
Questions & Answers
Can these cables be connected for a custom length for deployment?
Yes, the EXO field cables can be connected to one another with a titanium or brass coupler. It is recommended to not exceed 100m in length when connecting cables to avoid voltage drops and other potential issues.
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 2m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 4m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 10m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 15m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 33m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 66m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 100m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 150m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 200m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 250m
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YSI EXO Field Cables
EXO field cable, 300m
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In The News

Total algae sensor is the newest addition to YSI's EXO sondes

Many algae sensors can detect Chlorophyll a or levels of blue-green algae. YSI’s new Total Algae Sensor can measure both at the same time. “If you’re only looking at Chlorophyll a, you can miss a very big portion of total algae biomass,” said Tim Finegan, product manager. The new sensor is an optional attachment to the company’s line of EXO sondes, which debuted earlier this year. It’s an optical probe and maintenance is limited to keeping the sapphire windows on the unit clean. The Total Algae Sensor can be calibrated in two different ways, one for spot sampling and one for continuous sampling, which allows users to make sure readings are accurate for their specific monitoring applications.

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YSI's fDOM sensor sheds light on organic matter

The new YSI EXO Sonde expands monitoring capabilities for users compared to YSI’s the previous generation of sondes. One new feature for the EXO is a fluorescent dissolved organic matter probe that measures light-absorbing particles in water. The sensor is another attempt by YSI to provide instrumentation options to those in the waste water industry, or anyone interested in measuring dissolved organic matter alongside other parameters. YSI’s fDOM sensor detects only on a narrow wavelength range.  “The wavelength at which (particles) absorb light optimally and then the wavelength that they emit, or fluoresce light optimally, is unique to that molecule,” said Rob Ellison, YSI EXO director of research and development, during a webinar on the fDOM sensor.

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YSI improves sonde technology with EXO

A new line of multiparameter sondes is making a splash in the water monitoring market. The recently introduced YSI EXO line offers simpler calibration, more rugged materials and a future-proof design. The new water quality sondes can measure temperature, conductivity, depth, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, total algae (chlorophyll and blue-green algae), turbidity and fluorescent dissolved organic matter. The EXO sondes carry Smart QC, which is a series of quality control checks that run automatically to help maintain calibration. Feedback from testing has confirmed that the checks cut down on wasted trips into the field due to setup or configuration errors.

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