Hydrological Measurements

Hydrological methods and equipment measure the movement of water. These methods are used to paint role of a water body in the bigger picture of an ecosystem or environment. As meandering streams carve new paths, hydrological equipment can be used to determine how much sediment is being moved downriver, or whether a flood event will cause structural damage to a bridge or dam. Hydrology is even used to determine how quickly or how far pollution or invasive species might spread based on flow rates and dye studies. Whether a project consists of level and discharge readings, or studying ocean currents, hydrology is focused on water quantity and movement as whole, rather than the internal properties of a particular body of water.

Hydrological Measurements Chapters

  • Groundwater, Infiltration and Retention
  • Sediment Transport and Deposition
  • Streamflow
  • Waves, Tides and Currents

Parameter information can be found in the Parameters section.