Online Datacenter

Instant Access to Project Data

The easiest way to share and view environmental monitoring data is through a web-based datacenter. An online datacenter offers 24/7 instant access to project data via any web browser. Water quality, weather, wave and soil data can be exported into the datacenter directly from a data logger, or through the project software.

This project management service can be password protected or pubic, and allows users access to the collected data in real-time. In addition to any project specific information, the online interface can provide dynamic area maps, overlaid with weather information, recent and historical data, time series graphs, and statistical sum¬maries. Visitors can interact with the project maps and view real-time monitoring data or parameter trends over time.

But these cloud-based datacenters are more than just a pretty face. Many can be programed to send out automated alarm notifications when a parameter measurement exceeds pre-defined limits. These limits are determined by collecting background data prior to the project start date by using spot-sampling equipment. Once an allowable parameter range been set, the data is entered into the online database. If measurement levels exceed this recommended range during a project, the datacenter will immediately issue an alert (text and/or email) to the appropriate project manager or operator.

With the availability of real-time data and the datacenter’s auto-alert system, project managers can be notified immediately when there is an environmental measurement concern. This means that timely control procedures can be implemented to alter project operations until levels fall below the maximum allowable limit. The online datacenter can also transmit this alert back to the data logger in order to respond to the exceeded parameter range. Automated responses may include taking more frequent readings during high periods, then resuming regular log intervals when levels return to normal.

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