Spring 2021 Environmental Monitor Available Now

By on May 3, 2021

Welcome to the Spring 2021 edition of the Environmental Monitor, a collection of the best of our online news publication. In this issue, we showcase a broad range of water quality monitoring applications. Environmental Monitor Spring 2021

monitoring water quality

Environmental Monitor, Spring 2021

Going from coast to coast, this latest edition covers nutrient loading impacts in San Francisco Bay, as well as restoration efforts in the Florida Everglades. Click To Tweet

Closer to the Midwest, we look at surface mining impacts on Appalachian streams, plastics in the Great Lakes, and wildlife returning to Michigan’s Rouge River.

Our writers also look at threats to coral reefs from sewage, as well as elevated chloride levels in Northeast & Midwest Lakes resulting from increased farming and development.

Other topics include research at the CSULB Shark Lab, Duke University’s mooring WIzARD, and finding new value for Gar across the scientific and fishing communities.

If you don’t have a print subscription, you can sign up for free. If you’d like to check out our past editions, visit the print archive.

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