Onset HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station

The Onset HOBO RX3000 is Onset's most flexible remote data logging station. The HOBO RX3000 provides instant access to site-specific environmental data anywhere, anytime via the internet


  • Flexible support for a broad range of sensors
  • LCD display for easy field deployment
  • Cloud-based data access through HOBOlink
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The Onset HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station provides continuous logging for a broad range of energy and weather monitoring applications with up to ten smart sensors, optional analog sensor, water level sensor, relay modules and wireless sensor motes. Data from the RX3000 station is transferred at regular connection intervals to HOBOlink web-based software in order to check the latest conditions, view graphs, configure sensors and alarms, set up a dashboard, download data, or schedule data delivery via email or FTP.

Inside its weatherproof enclosure, the Onset HOBO RX3000 has a built-in LCD screen. Users are able to observe the current system configuration and status, start and stop logging, add and remove smart sensors, and connect to HOBOlink on demand. Up to three individual relays can be activated on the optional relay module, while the optional analog module has four analog inputs that support excitation power, scaling, and statistics measurements.

Easy Wireless Integration
An optional RXW Manager module is also available for the station to set up the HOBOnet Wireless Sensor Network, which can support up to 50 motes. All easy-to-install modules can be configured with HOBOlink.

  • HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station
  • Two plates for cable access openings with eight thumbscrews and one wrench
  • Two rubber cable channels
  • Rubber plugs
  • Grease packet
  • Two mounting plates with four screws
  • Grounding wire
  • Two U-bolts
Questions & Answers
In addition to the smart sensors, how many wireless sensor motes can communicate with the RX3000 remote monitoring station?
With the RXW manager (RXMOD-RXW-900) the HOBOnet wireless sensor network can support up to 50 motes.
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Onset HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station
HOBO RX3000 remote monitoring station, 4G LTE
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